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Sage 200 Online - the cloud based accounting solution

Sage 200 Online delivers innovation by offering cloud based accounts software.  Facilitate remote working and improve staff flexibility with instant, anytime, anywhere access. 


Why move into the cloud with Sage 200 Online?


Key Features

Save on upfront costs  - with pay monthly options 

Save on hardware - your data is stored in the cloud

Scales to your business needs - easily scale up or down to meet the peaks and troughs of demand 

Bespoke - Sage 200 Online can be tailored to fit your business

Integrate with your existing business applications - Sage 200 Online integrates with your existing business applications such as Windows 8, Office 365, credit checking and document management 

Natural progression - upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200 


According to Forbes’ 2014 research: Businesses who have already moved to the 'Cloud' have seen a 25% reduction in IT costs and 55% have seen an increase in business efficiency.


Watch the video to find out more about Sage 200 Online in the Cloud


Securely delivers your software with Microsoft

  • Looking after the security of your data and complying with industry standards - ISO/IEC 27001:2005

Online availability and back ups

  • 24-7 availability – with a guarantee of 99.9% connectivity

  • Automated backups included as standard along with the ability for you to take manual backups anytime

  • Built on best in class Windows Azure platform

A solution for your growing business

Sage 200 Online is a new cloud-based business management solution for growing businesses with up to 200 employees and up to a £50m turnover. The average user profile for Sage 200 Online is up to a £5m turnover and from 10 to 40 employees.

This cloud based solution offers detailed functionality for more complex business models with the flexibility of paying monthly.  This enables you to access and start using Sage 200 Online quickly.

It delivers a three tiered nominal accounting structure linking to specified projects or jobs, stock traceability across many locations and the ability to submit and allocate timesheets and expenses to projects.  It also allows you to track your costs and manage your data via our workspaces tool.

Sage 200 Online provides an online solution hosted on the Microsoft Windows® Azure™ platform, provides you with the security needed.

Why choose Sage 200 Online?

Save money if you're upgrading your hardware

If you're thinking about upgrading your hardware or IT infrastructure then an online solution could save you significant amounts of money.  In comparison to an on premise offering, you wouldn't need a server, thus saving on the installation costs. You wouldn't need to purchase SQL or pay the associated ongoing costs.

Depending on what you already have in place, you could save significant amounts of money upfront and ongoing with an online solution.

Improve staff flexibility and facilitate remote working

With your software in the cloud, you gain a great deal of flexibility.  Instant, anytime, anywhere access, meaning that you can query, report and gain insight into your data via a wide range of devices.

You can pay monthly

Sage 200 Online is ideal for small to medium businesses that want the flexibility to pay for their software on a monthly basis.  You can scale up as quickly as you need to, so that the software adapts to suit your growing needs.

Paying monthly also gives you the control to categorise this as an operational expense, meaning that budget shouldn't be an issue if you want to get started quickly.

Provides the flexibility to meet your business needs

Sage 200 Online is ideal for seasonal businesses that easily need to scale up or deliver software needs to meet the peaks and troughs of demand.  It can also be tailored to reflect your business processes with simple configurations or customisations that are just for you.  You can go as far as you like, with easy to use applications such as workspaces, customised to your role so you have your own dashboard to refer to.

As a dedicated Sage Strategic Support partner, we will support you right from the requirements scoping, customisation (if required), implementation and training.

We can also work with you to tailor Sage 200 Online to specific aspects of your business to meet your requirements.

Share data throughout your organisation

Because Sage 200 Online links with other aspects of your business, it gives access to accurate information in real time. Set-up that is role dependent gives you the ability to define the functions, features and reports that individual users have access to, allowing your to control who sees what.

Integrates with your business applications

If you are considering moving your whole office online then you can integrate Sage 200 Online with applications such as Windows 8® and Office 365, so that your office is totally cloud based.  Or you can choose to connect with your existing on premise applications, if you would prefer not to move everything to the cloud.

If you have other business applications that you want to connect to Sage 200 then we can help. We can discuss your business needs and advise on and implement this for you.

To deliver your software securely in conjunction with Microsoft

The Sage 200 Online application runs on the Microsoft Windows® Azure platform, which is hosted from the data centres managed and operated by Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS).  These data centres comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for security and reliability.

The European datacentres are managed, monitored and administered by Microsoft operational staff.  In addition to these data centre, network, and personnel security practices, Windows® Azure has inbuilt security at the application and platform layers to enhance security.

Automated data backups come as standard

Sage 200 Online provides automated data backups as a matter of course, so no need to worry about keeping data copies.  This may even save you time and money if you are currently backing up data in-house or outsourcing data backup. You will always have the information you need to hand.  You can still download additional copies of data whenever you wish.



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